Our Products

JavaScript Currency Converter: We have just completed a Javascript Currency Converter to allow you to easily display prices in alternative currencies to your clients.

Our Services

Web Applications: We develop bespoke web based business systems. These might run internal to your organisation, external (i.e. available over the web) or both. A web application being distinct from a website in that a web application uses a browser and associated web technology as an interface to a business system running behind the scenes. This is a very fuzzy distinction and we don't usually worry too much about what it's called rather we worry about it doing what you want.

Bespoke business software might be of interest to you if your current systems and staff are stretched to the limit. For example if you're using a large number of spreadsheets to manage your data then chances are that switching to a bespoke solution will save you time and money. If you are manually duplicating a common task e.g. generating invoices, generating client documentation, handling lots of client application forms then chances are that a bespoke solution will save you time and money.

Websites: We develop web sites. These come in 2 flavours, a static site which remains unchanging for the most part. And CMS sites where we provide the ability for you, the client, to maintain your site.

Windows Applications: We develop windows applications in .net.

Contract Programming: We can provide contract programmers on request.

Web Hosting: We can assist with web hosting. Depending on the circumstances we will either use our own servers or recommend a hosting company.

Our Skills

We are proficient in the following skill areas.




ASP Classic

ASP.NET WebForms



SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2012



Castle Project

Our Commitments

We are committed that you get an excellent solution which meets your needs.

We are committed that the process of obtaining the solution is one of ease.

We are committed to dealing with you from openness, clarity, integrity and a bit of fun if time allows.

We love what we do and we know you will too.