What follows is a partial list of our clients and some details of the work we do for them. It is important to remember that as developers the core results of our work are mostly not visible. We would be happy to demonstrate as required.

Amanzi Travel Specialist in volunteer and adventure travel throughout Africa A custom built content management system to manage the projects.

Jatech Ltd Software Development & IT Support, Stroud UK. Our largest clients - we work in partnership with Jatech on many projects.

Troopers Hill Design Visualisation, Stroud UK. Troopers Hill often need to add complex functionality to their sites which is where we come in.

Balens Ltd Holistic Insurance, Malvern UK. Balens have a web based client management system which handles most aspects of their business, from calculating premiums through to issuing documentation. We recently created their new public website with managed content and a renewal portal which allows members wishing to renew their insurance to manage this online.

Tudor Rose Ltd Food Export Company, Stroud UK. Tudor Rose have a web based Sales Order Processing (SOP) system which allows then to track orders from forecast through to delivery, producing the complex customs documentation.

The Property Investment Shop Ltd Property Investment Consultant, Oxfordshire UK. This site was built using DotNetNuke to allow Paul to manage his own content without having to get into the technical detail of HTML.

Independent Investor LLP Investment Subscription Services, Oxfordshire UK. Custom built professional investors subscription site, Oxford UK. Independent Investor provides subscription based investment material. The site we developed manages the content, the subscriptions to the site, the sending of newsletters and much more. It has a comprehensive admin section which allows most aspects of the site to be administered online.

Cyril Laffort Photographer, Stroud UK This site was constructed to the design specified by Cyril.

Buffett Cup Built in DotNetNuke.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process Built in DotNetNuke.

Rosalind Bubb EFT Practitioner, Cambridgeshire UK Built in DotNetNuke.

GolfNetTourney New Zealand Golf Tournament. Built using the Castle Project.

Emotional Therapy Improving your life using The Journey. A static XHTML website.


What follows is a partial list of the systems we have experience with.

Stock Management (Intranet & Secure Internet)

Online Store (Public Site)

Sale Order Processing (Intranet & Secure Internet)

Human Resources Management (Intranet & Secure Internet)

Insurance Management (Intranet & Secure Internet)

Examinations Management (Intranet & Secure Internet)

What our clients say...

"I am very pleased with the management system that Creative Dreaming have designed and created for us. The system has significantly improved the efficiency of our business and has been designed so that it will grow with Amanzi Travel. We asked for a system that was user friendly and that would reduce our administration work load and this is what has been achieved. Dale had lots of good ideas and his expertise helped us to obtain an excellent booking management system. Thank you for all your hard work"
Gemma Whitehouse, Amanzi Travel Limited, November 2008

"Dale was fully responsible for my company's new web site Dale got to know our business very well and took time to find out exactly what the requirements were, then worked closely with our company to produce the result, which we are overjoyed with - it exceeded all of our expectations. The new site not only has an outstanding design, but it is easier for us to maintain and grow, more impressive for our clients, allows richer features for our clients and is certainly generating a lot more business. Dale has also been on hand to provide ongoing support and consultancy since the site was launched. I'd have no hesitation in recommending him."
Paul Dawsey, The Property Investment Shop, October 2006

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity